Time Segmentation of Your Assets Into 'Buckets'

Segmenting your ‘buckets’ of money

The greatest risk to your capital may come from not understanding your “time-horizon,” that is WHEN you will need to use your money.

Our proprietary “time-segmentation” of your assets solves this problem, incorporating a strategy that matches your unique retirement income needs with when you will need your investments. This approach segments retirement assets into three categories based on the period of time during retirement when the assets are expected to generate income, in other words, we match your money with when you will need to use it. This greatly reduces the risk of losing money by accessing it too soon.

Your assets will be segmented into three “buckets,” based on when you will need to access the funds (5-7 years, 7-15 and 15+).

Immediate Income

5-7 Year Period

Short-term assets matched to your short-term liabilities

Future Income

7-15 Year Period

Designed to replenish the fixed income portion of segment one.

Long-Term Growth

15+Year Period

Long-term assets are matched to long-term liabilities

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