A Plan Built on Love, Based on Your Values

Let’s put first things first.

  1. Many people start their financial planning by setting goals (buy a home, vacation, etc.), but we feel that your decisions should start with “why” you are doing this planning. In a majority of the cases, this “why” is rooted in love. This is where we start!
  2. We then discuss your values, in other words, what MORE important to you in life than your money.
  3. NOW, we may continue with our collaboration on your plan, where we encourage you to critically think through your immediate and long-term financial needs, matching them to you who you love, your personal values, and aspirations.

Every plan is different. Together, we will design a unique financial plan that reflects your most essential life goals, so that ultimately, your money outlives you and not the other way around.

Our ultimate vision for clients: To enhance their fiancial decision making, and maintain an inter-generational plan which puts them into a position to:

  • Not run out of money during their lifetime
  • Have proper long term care planning
  • Ensure heirs do not have to sell assets to pay estate tax
  • Fund children and grandchildren’s education

Your relationship with Eaton Financial Group does not end when you become a client, it is only beginning. We treat each and every client as a valued member of our practice, providing the same high level of access to us, and attention to your needs.

We want to hear your story.

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