Women as the Household Financial Managers

Since 2004, we have specialized in the unique financial needs of women. 

More and more women are taking on the primary role of protecting and managing the family’s assets. Whether they are managing a large household or living on their own, many of our female clients have experienced tremendous career successes and personal changes that require specific financial guidance. Through our team approach, we collaborate with, assist and coach them through the management of their financial affairs which may be quite different from the way they may have approached their finances in the past.

In many cases, until a divorce or death in the family occurs, women may not have experience in financial planning or protecting and managing the family’s assets. When they are suddenly thrust into the role of managing not only lives and careers, but their finances as well, these clients find that they have to manage their financial affairs differently than they have in the past.

Therefore, every woman – whether single, married, divorced, widowed, homemaker or high-powered professional – needs to plan for a financial future and for an appropriate retirement (considering that women generally live longer than men).

At Eaton Financial Group, we get it:

Women we advise and support are not a niche’ market, rather they are family. Our passion is to empower and educate women decision makers with respect to making the most of their financial opportunities. We take pride in working with women (and their families) who actively manage the household finances. Through our unique skillset – listening and teaching – we offer comprehensive assistance and coaching for any of their financial affairs.

Our goal is to help make the connection between their aspirations and financial resources, and being a true partner in their financial planning.

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