Services for College Professors or Administrators

One universal truth in financial planning is that those with the greatest need for financial guidance (in spite of their own knowledge and education) do not receive it. In virtually no demographic is this more evident than in the teaching profession.

Since 2002, we have focused on assisting clients in academia who come to us with questions regarding allocations, diversification, and cash flow planning, primarily related with their school sponsored programs, such as 403(b) retirement plans, or other benefits.

We provide professional advice on selecting appropriate investment options to ensure a steady stream of income once retirement is reached. We also help answer questions regarding pensions or beneficiary designations, as well as provide guidance on any misleading advice from external media sources. Our goal is for our college faculty clients to enjoy their retirement to the fullest.

We are uniquely qualified to assist in this arena: We value the methodical “Socratic” approach that so many educators favor in the way they teach. In addition, we are intimately familiar with the various pensions (defined benefit and defined contribution), insurance plans, and array of retirement plans that are usually offered to faculty and staff.

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