Market Note – Russia Incursion into Ukraine – 02/24/2022

Thursday, February 24,2022 (First transmitted to Eaton Financial Group Clients)

Good morning.

As I have done over the years, I will be in touch where there is extreme volatility or an occurence of note. We have both this morning.

S&P 500 futures are off this morning (2/24/22) about 2.5%.  This is in addition to the drop of about 2.6% yesterday.  This is unusual, and I wanted to ensure that you did not wake up and see this without hearing from me.

Although we cannot know the exact outcome, it seems evident that the Russia has commenced their attack on the Ukraine. Further, the rhetoric, along with sanctions from the United States – as well as the rest of NATO – Is accelerating.

Along with the precipitous drop, we are seeing increases in US Treasury prices, gold (and other commodities) and oil.

Traders are simply responding to and exploiting the Soviet aggression, as they would with any opportunity to trade a market catalyst. I emphasize the words, “traders are responding to,“ rather than saying stocks are selling off because of earnings-related or systemic economic concerns

I am unconcerned.

It would be unreasonable to accept that the business world, and the cash flows its businesses produce, either now or in the future, is worth 4-5 percentage points less than it was four days ago.

Be assured that I am steering the ship, your portfolios are well positioned to handle and respond to this, and I stress, your financial plans’ trajectory will not change, that is unless your plans change.

Further, I cannot affect what we see in the markets, or in this case global political instability, rather, I can assure you that I am here to listen to any concerns.

I now remind you that my highest priority is to remain available to discuss your financial plans, in the short and long term, and that my role is now and always, to help enhance your financial decision-making, and to be your partner in doing so. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please use the link to schedule some time with me.



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